I have a passion for travel and I would like to share it with you. My first trip abroad was to Australia and New Zealand when I was 18 but it wasn’t until I had an established career that my journeys continued. I wouldn’t say that my adventures have been overly exotic or unusual but I am appreciative for the wonders that I have seen. Some of the countries I have explored include Bali, Turkey, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England and the Caribbean. My travels have focused on World Heritage Sights, culture, gastronomy and, I must admit, the occasional shoe store… My favourite wonders have been the Library of Celsus at Ephesus, the Colosseum in Rome, Olympia and the temples of ancient Greece and Bali. I admire the Pantheon, Chatsworth, the tiny blue-domed white churches of Greece and, perhaps at the top of my list, the hilltop villages of Provence. I have eaten sheep’s brains and ridden on the back of a motorbike through Cappadocia, Turkey; been mistaken for an archaeologist on Delos, Greece; sailed through the Tobago Cays and had men with machetes hitch a ride on our open-sided jeep on St. Lucia. Once the girls came along my adventures altered to accommodate young children. My future plans, however, include more far-flung destinations now that they can carry themselves on their own two feet… I will keep you posted on how that goes, meanwhile, I hope you enjoy!

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