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The life and adventures of a solo parent, youthful widow and single woman.


12th May 2013

I am sitting in my garden joyously happy and grinning from ear to ear. I am supposed to be writing but I can’t concentrate. Occasionally, a laugh, more like a girlish giggle, bursts out. I can’t help it! I have been dancing, laughing, smiling since 2013 began. I haven’t felt this ecstatic for 10 years. I have no weight on my shoulders; I feel so light I am floating. A new chapter has finally begun and now I want to share my life, and this story, with you…
My life started in 1970 as a Canadian. I was hatched, as my father likes to call it, in Banff, Alberta. I was the only baby in the little mountain hospital so they can’t possibly say I was switched at birth. I grew up on a horse farm in British Columbia where I rode since I was a little girl and competed extensively in various equine disciplines, including dressage. As a studious bookworm of a teenager we moved to the west coast where I still live. I married 007 when I was 28 and we lived happily ever after in our little blue cottage near the ocean, sailing, traveling and dancing through our lives together. Until, that is, I became a widow at 35. And that is where this story begins.
Meanwhile, I am the proud mother of hilarious, creative and adorable Chanel and Chloe, for whom I have started writing and illustrating stories of two little girls and their pony named Charming. To satisfy my musical interests I play the violin and sing; to blow off steam and stay somewhat fit, karate. I have a passion for fashion, gastronomy, cocktail parties and gardens. I have also completed the first draft of my story ~ my first attempt at a manuscript, amongst other things.
And now, as my girls will soon both be in school full time, I found myself in the “who am I now and what do I do?” stage. I recognize that I have a beautiful life, nonetheless, I am restless and searching for more; yet something is holding me back. Therefore, I started my leap project. At times I will have to dig deep to share my heartaches and joys but this is meant to be a work of hope and inspiration for everyone and a place for me to practice The Art of Leaping.
                                             “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire” (St. Catherine of Siena)

Yours truly,