Still so new to the world of making art I find myself in a candy store of discovery. I entered art school with a love of photography, a good sense of design and a thirst for art history enhanced by my travels. First year was learning to draw while year two introduced me to painting. At times it is overwhelming for the possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination but as I progress in the area of practice I keep coming back to photography.

In a painting colour theory class our assignment was to chose a waterscape, do some quick, preliminary paintings then a final canvas using a limited, analogous palette (blues) with a subordinate underpainting (orange). I chose a photo of Villefranche sur Mer in the south of France from a 2006 trip, painted on a photocopy to work out values and finally, eliminating Chanel and I, ending up throwing away the paint brush and finger painting in hopes of resurrecting my mess. Thinking it would be a disaster, I was very surprised at the result once I dug it out from amongst the rose bushes and brushed off the dirt….